Vero Beach Sober Living Residences

  • Admitting one cannot control one's addiction or compulsion.
  • Recognizing a higher power can give us strength.
  • Examining past errors with the help of a sponsor.
  • Making amends for these errors. 
  • Learning to live a new life with a new code of behavior.
  • Helping others that suffer from the same addition/compulsion.

"The miracle of gratitude is that it shifts your perception to such an extent that it changes the world you see."

- Dr. Robert Holden

Sober Living Residences in Vero Beach 

Steps to Recovery 

Determined to be the best sober living community in south Florida, we base our philosophies on the principles and the traditions of  Alcoholics Anonymous.  We are proud to be certified by the Florida Association of Recovery Residences.

We find that by living the principles of the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, our residents have become accountable and responsible members of our sober living community and society as a whole.

We have come to believe that the byproduct of working with a sponsor, working the 12 steps, going to meetings, and learning recovery behaviors makes the rules that we enforce almost inconsequential.  Our goal is to provide a sober living environment where the life experiences of our residents can be an example to the other members within our community who are suffering from the disease of addiction.  We learn and grow from each other's recovery.

Vero Beach Sober Living Residences, LLC was founded by a man who has been sober since 1992, who lived in a similar transitional house early in his recovery.  He continues his involvement with the program as outlined in the book of Alcoholics Anonymous.  He learned that in order to keep the gift of sobriety, he had to help others.  


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