Upon Arrival

  • All guests will be interviewed to determine their suitability for a sober living residence.  Only those individuals that have a serious desire for sobriety will be considered for guest status.

  • The guest will be given a contract for residency that includes the house rules and code of conduct. By signing these documents, the guest agrees to abide by these standards.

  • The Dude Ranch: We will collect a $200.00 administration fee, along with the first week's fee of $200.00, which can be pro-rated at $28.50 a day.

  • If deemed necessary, guests will be drug tested.

  • Guests will be given a meeting schedule and a meeting attendance sheet.

  • Guests will be given a deposit card for fee/payment purposes.

  • Fees are due every Friday by 6:00 pm.

  • PayPal, check, and cash are accepted.
We are dedicated to assisting you in every way possible to achieve a productive and successful livelihood.

We have found that our common struggle is that we are alcoholic and that our common bond is the solution of Alcoholics Anonymous.  To achieve and maintain sobriety, we must all learn to live and grow together as one alcoholic helping another alcoholic, no matter what our social or economic experience has been.

​We are not equipped for persons who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia or other severe psychotic disorders.  We will welcome guests that have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder if they have been stabilized with medication and are compliant with their medication's dosing instructions.


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