I first got to The Dude Ranch when I was released from Jail from the consequences of active addiction.  I was lucky that there was a bed available. The Dude Ranch was not my first experience of sober living environments, in fact, prior to arriving, I had already been through numerous treatment centers and halfway houses. Some good experiences, some bad experiences.

The Dude Ranch gave me a safe place to stay while I was able to immerse myself into the local AA program and gave me structure and accountability, which was a necessity for a person like me. While there, I found employment, a sponsor, and good people in the community.  The owner really cares about the people in the house and is actively involved in the welfare of the residents at the house which also had a big impact on my early sobriety.  I stayed at The Dude Ranch for five months and while there, was able to go through the steps with a sponsor and save money for the next transition.  

I currently have 10 months sober which I haven't been able to accomplish in years.  I have an apartment where I pay my own bills and I have been able to rekindle many relationships that I had damaged as a result of my addiction. I am truly grateful for the benefit of being able to emerge back into society with the help and backing that I received from The Dude Ranch.

-Patrick W. 

I had been out of a treatment facility for about a month before going to live at The Dude Ranch. I felt as though I didn't need further treatment, so I stayed in a hotel.  One of the greatest choices in my life was deciding to give The Dude Ranch a try.  It gave me an opportunity to work on me, while living in the right environment.  

I had been drunk for too many years and had forgotten how to function in society without alcohol, that is if I ever even knew how in the first place.  The house is immaculate and has all of the amenities for comfortable living and more.  

The location is great, very close to meetings and shopping centers.  If you are like me and lost your license or a vehicle in the midst of your active addiction, the location is perfect.  There are a few house rules but if you are walking the recovery life you should find them to be inconsequential.


I followed what was required: go to meetings, get a sponsor, work the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Everything else just falls into place.  The best part of living at The Dude Ranch was the fellowship.  Just a few dudes that come from different walks of life with the same common goal - to achieve sobriety.  

Everyone that I lived with in this sober house in Vero Beach, Florida had a huge impact on my life.  I have made friends for life along the way.  So thank you, Dude Ranch, and a big thanks to "The Dude" who has been a key component to my sobriety.  Before, during, and after my residence at The Dude Ranch.  

      - Anonymous Dude

"Your best days are ahead of you.  The movie starts when the guy gets sober and puts his life back together.  It doesn't end there."  

- Bucky Sinister, Get Up - A 12 Step Guide to Recovery.

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